Certificate Programs

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NCNM offers certificates in several naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine modalities. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must already be enrolled in a degree program at NCNM, be in good academic standing, and meet the certificate program requirements.

Homeopathic Medicine Certificate

The Homeopathy Certificate is open to current naturopathic medicine students, and begins to prepare the recipient to apply for the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP) credential after they graduate. The certificate requires a student to take all the required coursework in the naturopathic program, as well as three elective courses. There are additional requirements for case analysis, and written papers, to complete this certificate. Students are required to apply to be included in the program, to ensure that they can be scheduled in the required courses while they are pursuing their naturopathic degree. All courses are taught by NCNM homeopathy department faculty. Full certificate requirements are available on campus.

Naturopathic Obstetric / Midwifery Program Certificate

The Naturopathic Obstetrics Certificate program provides the didactic education necessary for a graduate to complete requirements to sit for the American College of Naturopathic Obstetricians (ACNO) licensing examination. These courses are in addition to the single required Natural Childbirth course in the ND program, and are comprised of six elective courses. The clinic requirements for licensure are not included in this certificate program, but those participating in the program have access to the clinical requirements through faculty practices and other local physicians. Students interested in pursuing this certificate program must apply to the program in order to ensure that they will be able to schedule the necessary classes around their naturopathic schedule. All courses are taught by NCNM faculty who are licensed by ACNO. Full certificate requirements are available on campus.

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Classical Chinese Medicine

Fully aligned with the CCM mission, this certificate program enables motivated students to delve more deeply into the classical roots of Chinese medicine. It consists of nine Classical Texts courses, Bazi Suanming and two courses in Chinese Cultural Arts. These courses are rarely included in Chinese medicine programs in China or the US, and they are specifically designed to connect the serious student of classical Chinese medicine with the authentic milieu of the ancient scholar practitioner.

Qigong Certificate Program*

The Qigong Teaching Certificate Program trains students to be competent teachers in one of China’s true alchemical science traditions--the Jinjing School of Qigong. The certificate requirements include successful completion of the Foundations of CCM I-III courses, as well as the Qigong I-IX weekend retreat and weekly practicums. Students then take the Qigong I-III Teaching Practicum, in which they   progress from observing qigong instruction of NCNM patients and students to teaching her/his own qigong classes.

Shiatsu Certificate Program*

The Shiatsu Certificate Program consists of six courses (204 hours) taken over two years. It is designed to be pursued concurrently with the MSOM, MAc or ND programs. At the end of the certificate program, students will be fully prepared to use shiatsu as an independent treatment modality.

*ND students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for admission into the Qigong and Shiatsu Certificate Programs. Due to space constraints, admission is limited. These are not degree programs and do not lead to eligibility to sit for licensure exams.