Preceptorship Program

Our clinical Preceptorship program at NCNM provides students with the ability to broaden and strengthen their clinical skills while observing physicians in practice. During this portion of students' clinical training, opportunities are provided for them to observe licensed naturopathic, allopathic, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians. Students refine their therapeutic and doctor–patient communication skills while integrating their didactic and clinical course work.

Patient receiving medical examThe Preceptorship Program provides students with opportunities to broaden and strengthen their clinical skills under the mentorship of licensed physicians in practice. 240 Hours of clinical field observation are required for graduation. A minimum of 145 hours are completed with a naturopathic physician, and the remaining 95 hours may be done with a variety of licensed physicians, most commonly NDs, MDs, DOs, DPMs and DCs.

Through the Preceptorship Program, students develop an awareness of varied clinical pathologies and learn such skills as doctor–patient communications, applications of therapeutic modalities, and the routine operation of a doctor's office or clinic.

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Questions? Please contact the Registrar's Office at 503.552.1607.

NCNM encourages physicians to join the Preceptorship Program. Limited to student observation, physicians participating in this program serve as mentors while simultaneously treating patients. We look for physicians who are strong clinicians, have demonstrated business acumen, and will be good role models for our students. Doctors on the active list of the Preceptorship Program enjoy several benefits, including free CE (on–campus courses and/or videos). Physicians who are not on the active list will have to pay the regular CE fee of $25 per clock hour. In addition, Physicians receive:

  • 10 hours of online General Naturopathic Continuing Education Hours (for NDs licensed outside of Oregon a verification will be available online) 

  • Invitation to an Annual Celebration Banquet 

  • NCNM Room Rental – Doctors who want to host educational presentations at NCNM will receive 50% off all college room rentals.

  • Library Privileges – Doctors may receive a library card at the NCNM Library that allows you access to over 16,000 books (including those in the rare book room), CDs, DVDs, databases, and computer applications in the library. 

  • Invitations to speak at Grand Rounds may be extended to Preceptorship Program physicians. 

  • The opportunity to make a lasting impression on the future generation of physicians by passing on invaluable knowledge.

  • The opportunity to give back to the profession.

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To sign up on the active list, physicians should download the application or contact the Registrar's Office at 503.552.1607. Prior to each academic term, physicians will need to provide the Registrar's Office with any change to their available days/times for taking program students.

Preceptorship Program Physician Opportunities

Sign up to be an NCNM Preceptorship Program Physician

Questions? Please contact the Registrar's Office at 503.552.1607.