An Introduction to Fermentation

Build your Ferm-Intuition with Chef Tressa Yellig

Cultured foods are an ancient part of the relationship between human diets and health that recognized our food as delicious medicine.In this introduction to fermentation series students will learn how to build their ferm-intuition and will start developing new skills and a new relationship to the foods we eat through the ancient wisdom of fermentation.

Introduction to Cultured Dairy
Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 6–8 p.m.

Culturing dairy is an ancient alchemical tool for not only preserving dairy but making it more digestible. Working with a variety of cultures, milk becomes an immune boosting powerhouse and takes on a variety of textures and flavors that enchant and delight us. Since pasteurization kills the enzyme lactase in milk, many people struggle to digest the lactose sugar in the milk itself. Learning to culture dairy is a way of increasing our body’s tolerance of pasteurized milks.

In this class we will demonstrate how to make butter, kefir, yogurt and crème fraiche. Students will have the chance to taste and participate in making these simple preparations. We will talk briefly about the differences when culturing raw milk as well.



Tressa Yellig specializes in a variety of health supportive cooking styles including vegan, macrobiotic, and Ayurvedic traditions and is an advocate of the Weston A Price Foundation’s nutritional philosophy of using traditional fats, pastured meats, raw dairy and cultured foods. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and apprenticed under the worker-ownership of Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, CA, the first community supported kitchen of its kind. In addition, she has experience managing farmer’s markets, working with a variety of artisan food producers, in restaurants, business management and organizations promoting urban food sustainability, local food economies and seasonality.

In 2009 Tressa started Salt, Fire & Time in Portland Oregon, producing traditional healing food products on a community scale. She currently teaches the whole foods cooking program at The Wellspring School as well as a variety of old world cooking & nutrition classes in the Portland area. She passionately believes that our food choices are beautiful vehicles for change in our communities and the world and that we can begin with ourselves. Salt, Fire & Time is one sustainable solution to the growing need to heal our bodies and our food economies through the choices we make in defense of quality foods.